Burden of Proof

For those of us that claim to be artists in any genre or platform, the very attempt to create something of substance is a declaration that we believe in art itself and we are active participants in the creator/consumer interaction. Therefore we bear the onus or Burden of Proof in confirming that real music is going to move the listener regardless of how and where it originates.

Welcome to Native Sun's Official Website

Here you will find all of our most up to date music, videos, upcoming performances and news. Please be sure to join the email list by clicking the contact link below. Listen to our latest single, The House right here to the left and check out our album, Step into the Light by going to the music page. Don't forget to check out some of our performances at the videos page. Thanks for visiting.

New EP Undeniable Coming this Fall
Be on the lookout in the coming months for new music from Native Sun. We are currently working on our new EP, Undeniable and will be releasing a few singles in the meantime.  Stay tuned.